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Please note: These are low resolution samples and can not acccurately portray the detail on the prints.

Tuckers Island
This view shows the lighthouse and the Life Saving Station and the resort known as Sea Haven. Also visible is the wooden bridge or walkway from the life saving station to the beach for carrying the rescue boats. I know of no other pictures that show this. It is a truly historic photo and one that anyone interested in the history of LBI should have.

Tuckers Island 1920
Tuckers Island 1920
Larger areas such as Tuckers Island are sometimes too long and narrow for optimum display in the 12x18" standard format, so I am offering this in a zoomed 1x4 ft format which provides much better land detail and a lot less water area, These are only available in the photo paper.

Tuckers Island 1920
Tuckers Island 1920 1x4 ft
All prints come in two qualities, Photo paper at 12x18" or 11x17" Supreme Gloss paper. The photo paper has somewhat better detail is recommended for framing.